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Incredibly Successful

by building a global community of developers, designers and engineers across multiple markets and delivering quality content in print, online, and in person to that community.

Creating success for our clients and audiences

We provide our engineering audiences with the information they need to do their jobs in the aerospace, defense, IoT, automotive, industrial, and transportation markets via industry-best journalism, blogs, expert commentary, how-to guides, application guides, webcasts, live events, and more.

We offer a variety of marketing tools to meet the needs of our clients.


Looking for a customized solution to expand your business? OpenSystems Media is a one stop shop for multi-media strategies, services, and products. We are a leading publisher of electronic magazines, e-mail newsletters, websites, product resource guides, and more. Let us help you collaborate and build a solution for your business that will help get audience visibility.

We publish industry specific magazines and periodicals